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Default Re: Who Accepted Defeat Like A Man - Juan Manuel Marquez or Manny Pacquiao?

Troll thread it seems. But surprised it made it this far.
After the decision was called for Bradley, Pac was just as surprised he "lost" the fight as the last couple of times JMM was when they didn't call his name out.
Manny later reacted very differently because his fan base have declared for years that he's "the people's champ". They have put him in such high pedestal that he now believes it himself and, of course, he reacted and took the L the way his fans would've wanted.
Years ago, when he was just Manny Pacquiao, he made terrible decisions after his losses. Especially after the Morales and Marquez decisions where he lowered himself so low as to believe socks or gloves affected his performance.
Two very different scenarios. Two very typical reactions. Don't see how many are very surprised when most of us would be too proud not to speak out as well.

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