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Default Re: How much would you pay to buy a filmed copy of your most longed for fight?

Originally Posted by sweet_scientist View Post
My top 10 (off the top of my head):

1. Robinson-Gavilan I - 5 Grand
2. Robinson-Gavilan II - 5 Grand
3. Driscoll-Attell - $1,000
4. Locche-Laguna - $500
5. Napoles-Perkins - $500
6. Loi-Ortiz (any of the 3 fights) $500 each
7. Rodriguez-Cokes III $500
8. Graham-Basilio (fights 2 or 3) - $500
9. Gavilan-Williams (the fight Williams won) - $500
10. Pep-Saddler II - $500
Great list. Rodriguez-Cokes III is a great shout and would be right up there for me (I contemplated LMR KO1 Mundine)

****!!!!! My no.1 choice My actual no.1 choice is Dwight Hawkins messing up Shibata. Man I'd love to see some footage of that guy and as you can see from my avatar he's been on my mind lately. It's stressed me out lately there's no footage of him mercing someone.

There's so much you could possibly have.

Another one I've contemplated suicide over not having is the battle of Japanese prospects; Harada Vs Ebihara.
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