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Default Re: Wilfredo Gomez ATG if no Light Featherweight division?

What I find frustrating with the split titles and multiple weight classes, speaking as a fan, is that we will in a way never really know how good fighters like Gomez were. While I acknowledge we can watch film and judge skills and style as far as record goes with 8 weight classes his career could very well gone like this:

Wins WBA Featherweight title from Rafael Ortega, retains against Cecilio Lastra and Eusebio Pedroza then loses unification with Salvador Sanchez who lives and then beats Gomez in a rematch. He then wins FW title vs Juan Laporte, after Sal moves up but loses in first defence to Nelson and then has to go all the way up to Lightweight in 1984/85 and most likely loses to Edwin Rosario or Livingstone Bramble for the title or even in this fantasy, Sanchez who is now unified LW champ in a third fight.

In my alternate history this would leave him as a 2 weight champ with a title fight record of 4 wins vs 4 loses with 1 win and 3 loses to the ATG opponent he faced i(f you think Nelson, Pedroza and Rosario are ATG otherwise it means he loses to Sanchez, his one ATG fight which is similar to someone like Hamed)

This sort of career while very good puts him on a level with fighters like Lockridge, Hatton, Judah, Chacon IMO rather than the next level up he is thought of as a 3 weight champ with 23 world title fights to his name due to having JnrLW and JnrFW belts available to fight for.
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