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Default Re: My first fight - comment/slatings welcome!!

Greystoold - good advice. Possibly need to practise in the gym a few times first as I was just keeping to the basics ie hands up, pop the jab out and basic combos. It's weird as it seemed like I lost a bit of my boxing memory due to all the build up/tension before as I'm usually am a little less predictable than the 1-2 left hook combo I seem to throw a lot.

Psyenz - I think it's lack of ring experience that I hadn't even considered doing those things! I've not had a lot of ring time but hopefully will start working on stuff like that. I will be in my next sparring session and am trying to develop a decent overhand right for opponents like that

Longjab - yea, I should have pressed more and be more aggressive and that's something I'm going to work on, but tbh I thought I was getting hammered in the ring when I seemed to be doing ok. I was getting tired as well and was trying to get past his left arm which he kept putting out which stopped me coming forward a bit.

Captain hook & hernaday - cheers fellas!
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