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Default Re: Why did Jame Toney Vs Eubank/Benn not happen?

Originally Posted by ApatheticLeader View Post
I answered the questions about Toney travelling.
No you didnt.
I asked
when did Toney travel to fight a SMW champ .

I answered the question about how Littles was clearly better than Galvano.
I noted how Galvano was a reigning defending world champ who had been involved in previous SMW world title fights and asked how that is better than Littles who had done nothing other than beat an up and comer, who went on to clearly exceed and beat him later.
As for Eubank vs Benn being lauded as a big fight, it's merely proof of how devoid the division was of big-name fighters at the time.
You said the big SMW fights were in America, and I answered with
Most relevant action wasnt in the U.S. at SMW, the biggest SMW title fight to come at that time was Benn/Eubank and both were reigning champs taking on better comp, the action was in the UK.
What big fights before Toney/Jones were happening in the SMW in the U.S?
You havent been able to counter or answer that
For the biggest fighters it was just a pit-stop to LHW
Pit stop
Toney spent longer at SMW than he did MW and LHW in terms of being a defending champ
Nunn spent longer at SMW than he did MW or LHW
& Jones spent longer at MW than SMW and left SMW where there was Benn, Eubank, Collins with Calzaghe on the way in to go with Liles and went to LHW to fight McCallum just beaten by Tiozzo and Hill just beaten by Michalczewski

The rest of what you wrote was just ridiculous dribble that if you believe looks terrible on Toney

Originally Posted by Mind Reader View Post
So traveling thousands of miles doesn't count as traveling as long as you are in the same country?

I fly from the west coast to east coast regularly, and it sure as hell feels like traveling. Not everywhere in the USA feels like my home either.
They both have McDonalds.
Its the same country dummy.
Would you say that if Pirog fought Martinez in Russia that Pirog was the home or away fighter? Say Pirog lived in the furthest part of Russia to where the fight was happening. You wouldnt say Pirog was travelling even though its a much further distance than West to East coast.

As I noted, whilst Benn and Eubank were preparing for the biggest SMW fight ever, Toney was talking big and training to fight Prather
Originally Posted by theboy_racer View Post
Bailey ragdolling the american posters here.
Indeed I am.
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PatheticSquealer brutally exposed
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