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Default Re: Could Ali handle the size of a Lewis?

Originally Posted by mr. magoo View Post

I addressed both of your points in two parts.

1. That assuming Lewis would come in at a certain weight in a different era was bull**** and dodging the question


2. That Lewis had nothing in common with Joe Bugner, making that a ridiculous comparison..

Did I miss anything that you'd like to share. Perhaps some invisible typing?
1. First of all, I wasn't dodging the question since I've already answered it. If it's bull**** or not, we'll never know. For a guy who fought his first 5 or 6 years below 240lbs, I'm saying it would be pretty stupid to think that he'd fight at 245 in a very different era, against faster boxers and probably more powerful punchers. However, it had nothing to do with how would a fantasy matchup between Ali and Lewis look like. So you didn't get my point after commenting about it three times.

2. The original question was: "Could Ali handle the size of Lewis?" I posted a few examples of guys who were comparable to Lewis' in terms of size, and who Ali boxed against managing to handle their size pretty well. Again, you missed my point.
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