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Default Wladimir Klitschko revived his career after 3 brutal ko's, why can't Amir Khan do it?

Khan suffered only two LESS brutal knockouts. He's obviously very gifted and have a heap load of heart. So why can't he?

Well my reasons are that
1- Overall Physical Attributes and boxing intelligence.

Wladimir's physical advantages over his opponents enables him to protect his chin during the early years of his comeback and he uses his attributes to his full advantage. Wlad also seem to have much more boxing intelligence as compare to Amir.

2- Weak Division.
Let's be honest here, if Wladimir had to make his comeback against the likes of Young Lewis, 90's Tyson or even a Ruddock, he's getting knocked out again. Luckily he made his comeback runs against DyVareyl, Fabio and good ole Samuel Peter.

Khan do not have that luxury, the weight classes he's competing in is stacked.

Wladimir have a humble personality and is willing to learn from his mistakes, take the blame for himself etc. Khan . seem like an arrogant azz on his way to KO #3.

Anyways do you guys think he can come back like Wladimir?
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