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Default Re: Has Jon Jones quite reached his peak yet, or is he still pre-prime?

Originally Posted by chimba View Post
Im not one who said He was exposed I was actually very impressed with the way He almost killed him. But I have to be realistic here, His stand up is going to be like the way it is now and not much more improvement. Most is just due to his body type. Hes got long limbs and I just cant see him throwing crisp jabs or 1-2 combos. You'll see some spinning elbows and kicks but I cannot see Jones boxing improved. This is why I think he will be at a disadvantage to Silva IF He decides to stand up with him. Everything He does standing up, Silva does better and Silva is pretty long himself.
Ok, i agree 100% about Jones boxing not being GREAT or one could argue even that good OTHER than it effects him so little with stand up it has not mattered as of YET. As well you could be right about his boxing not ever getting any better, witch i think will only be true if it does not need to be.

That said however, Jon Jones has all the tools to become a AWESOME boxer, or not a real boxer but use a FEW boxing techniques including them in his overall skills. Plus, with a GOOD JAB it would make him IMHO potentially way BETTER than he already is and WHY?

Well, i am a old school boxer, wrestler, street fighter, lol, well not anymore, my bones are too brittle for that kind of stuff. However, i can still remember and exadurate my stories with the best of them. No i wasnt invincible but i was into kick boxing and wrestling as a wee kid and got into amatuer boxing late at 18 years old. Why? My kicking was great, my right hand was awesome but my left hook and JAB sucked like shyte. WHY? Because when i went to throw them i had no power and felt like i was a chick. So i never threw them. Old dude got me to try boxing because my right cross/striaght right was like Vlads ,,, so this old ******* did the old WAX ON WAX OFF routine of just getting me to throw couple hundred jabs per day. I hated it. He told me, dont throw them HARD, just commit to 75% full power and THROW them. I was embarrassed because i though other dudes were watching how the heavy bag would barely move when i would chuck them. Low and behold within a month they were not just decent they were good. In a couple of months i began a very short unspactacular amatuer career before i finally got good enough to step up way too fast, got brutally knocked out and ended up stopping soon after that, lol. However, before i moved up in class against dudes i had NO BUSINESS thinking i was good enough to beat, i was kicking ass in the boxing ring and why? My freaking JAB, wow what a PUNCH a GOOD JAB is. It goes so UN-NOTICED as its not a power punch, however, it makes EVERY POWER punch, kick, elbow that much better, NEVER worse. Even when i got knocked out it wasnt because my JAB failed me. That was my BUSTED jaw.

I became such a JAB fan that in street fights with wrestling skills and kicking skills i was a way better fighter. If someone didnt bum rush me from the get go and stood up wanting to trade, well BEFORE my JAB i occasionally pasted a few dudes with brutal kicks and my right or knees, HOWEVER, i also missed plenty of them by a mile and then the fight would go to the ground witch was cool with me. Whereas AFTER i got my JAB if a guy wanted to trade standing up with me and wanted to PLAY it slow and methodical i would keep smiling all the while i kept scoring with NOTHING other than a very crisp, quick jab. Everyone, hit with a jab shakes it off but do that for a minute or two and its as plain as day the acculative effect as well as how OFFSETTING it is right BEFORE the point one begins to create leverage and torque, well like clockwork a inexperienced fighter [[ most fighters back then ]] after being hit in the face with a stiff jab a dozen or so times will begin to make STUPID mistakes and thats the EASIEST time to hammer them with a POWER SHOT. No i wasnt a legend street fighter, i am talking over the course of 10 years and maybe 10 good fights at ze bars or in the hood. I am just saying that with a GOOD JAB i was a GOOD FIGHTER or at least better than average shyte and without a GOOD JAB i was very average.

Jones has all the ability to start using a JAB way way way more. I bet he has for the most PART abandoned it as he was so good he never needed it. As well his PATIENT style of fighting suits a JAB perfectly as even alot of his LEG KICKs to the knee are thrown like JABs. The kicks i talk about are the ones he will do a short kick to the knee right before a fighter is SET to leverage or getting SET. It works wonders for him with these short JAB like kicks, Jones with a great Jab and everything else he has would be a scary thought.
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