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Default Re: List of Weight-Drained Pacquiao Opponents

Originally Posted by Beatle View Post
Erik Morales 2

Erik Morales 3

Oscar De La Hoya

Miguel Cotto

As far as I know, these are the fights in which Pacquiao's opponent was weight-drained. All you have to do is look at the fighter's boxrec page and check the weight he was at in his previous fight.

Did I miss any fights, or is the list complete? Notice that those are Pacquiao's most impressive wins, except for Hatton and Barrera 1. His resume is all smoke and mirrors. Freddie Roach managed him well.

Erik Morales was only stopped twice in his career, both times being in the two Pacquiao rematches, when Freddie Roach forced him to drain himself for a big payday. The only time he fought Pacquiao on even terms (in the first fight), he beat him.
how about a list of former flyweight champions that have even moved up to bantam weight or even welterweight for that matter and beat the **** out of them and for fans to have the excuse of my guy was "weight drained" and thats why the former flyweight beat the hell out of the former middleweight champion oscar de la hoya....
thats so weak and also embarrassing to have as an excuse to getting beat up by a guy that won a belt at 112 pounds
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