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Default Re: List of Weight-Drained Pacquiao Opponents

Morales II- Based on need/willingness to move up for the Zahir loss before this fight, it seems probable to some degree.

Morales III- should not have been fighting at 130, straight up. I'd say drained if I have to say yes or no.

Oscar- 7 and a half years without a WW fight. Totally beyond drained. PLUS Oscar F'd himself over by additionally draining himself.

Hatton- I've heard this. It's possible? But with the Paulie win at 140 sandwhiched between the Floyd and Pac losses I don't buy it. I think he was a little, but no more than most unmotivated aging fighters with a recent loss trying to make weight.

Cotto- "weight drained by a whopping 2 pounds." It is of some significance, but minor rather than major. That combined with the above exact last sentence about Hatton.

***Everybody's resume is filled with cases of opponents being either "blown up" or "weight drained" and it is moreso with struggles in camp that fans and even writers will never know about. Pacquiao is just the ridiculously high profile, he himself has fought at a crazy variety of weights and has fought 60 times, and he has had many catch weights which open the door for immediate criticism.***
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