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Default Re: Would Vitali have lasted the whole 12 due to the state of his face?

Great thread MVC.

Instead of talking about 'rematches' and bull**** thumbing, more people should talk about what WOULD have happened if the fight had continued..

This is the big issue, Vitali gave Lewis the best he had during the first 2 rounds. Lennox literally WALKED through Vitali's best punches. Vitali wasn't getting stronger, he was getting weaker from all the blood loss and punishment.

If you rewatch the 6th round, he was seriously hurt and clinging on to Lewis every chance he got.

Lennox meanwhile told Manny "I got him now, he's figured out".

Vitali would have probably suffered a life long injury if the fight had gone to even the 8th much less the 12th.

In fact just the 7th might have seen Vitali lose his eye. Lewis was a ruthless lion in the ring, he would have kept targeting that cut.

As much as I dislike Vitali, I would not have want to see the fight continued.

Seeing Vitali's eye fall out would probably have negative effects on Lennox's conscience.
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