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Default Re: Would Vitali have lasted the whole 12 due to the state of his face?

Originally Posted by RememberingC.S. View Post
Surely the match wouldn't have lasted 12 rounds, it would have lasted at least 1 or maximum 2 more rounds before Lennox definitely gassed out or broke his chin... Lennox was on bambi legs already in the 2nd round, were he was very close to fall and passed on only grabbing and clinching; about the cut, it has clearly have been explained, watching in slow motion, to have been made by the tape that hold the glove, not by a direct punch; Manny Steward, terrified for knowing the kind of chin of Lennox, screamed in his ear to hit him directly on the cut, which is what Lennox did, repeatedly; anyway, the cuts stopped to blood after just some rounds, and to bleed by a cut above the eye is not like to bleed by the eye.
you are delusional
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