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Default Re: If YOU were Joe Calzaghe, would you come out of retirement to fight Andre Ward?

Originally Posted by general zod View Post
Why on earth should I?

Toney moved up to smw to fight him and Jones would win Toney's vacant mw belt. Barkley was shot after Toney. So why are you accusing Jones of avoiding a shot fighter?

Jones did mess him around at smw, but not because he was scared of him. Style wise he is taylor made for a counter puncher, hence his losses to Johnson, Kalambay and McCallum. At lhw Collins wanted to fight him around 99, but Jones decided to fight a better fighter in Johnson. Who had proved he was better than Collins by beating him at mw and was an active fighter while Collins was coming out of a 2 year retirement.

Dibella(head of hbo) said he would not allow a Collins fight anyway because there was no demand for a Jones-Collins fight. He said if Collins fought Calzaghe on a Jones undercard then the winner could fight Jones. Collins would retire after collapsing in training and Calzaghe said himself he wanted nothing to do with Jones. So how is it ducking when you go on to face a better fighter?

Eubank in his own autobiography said he would only fight guys like Toney and Jones if they became his mandatories. I know Eubank SAID he made offers to Jones, but you show me one article from TEAM Jones/HBO confirming any of those offers.

If you look at Eubanks career you will notice he missed every top fighter:
mw: R.Johnson, Toney, Nunn, Graham, Kalambay, McCallum, McClellan, Jackson
smw: Toney, Liles, Nunn, Jones

Eubank moved up when Gerald was due a title shot for his wbo mw belt.A coincidence? I think not

Show me the offers. Or are you just blaming Jones for every fight that never happened at mw-smw
So what you are really trying to say is

"Roy didn't avoid anyone, IT WAS EVERYONE AVOIDING ROY" Right?

I mean that's what you really want to say.
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