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Default Re: Kid Gavilan vs Sugar Ray Leonard

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post

How do you see a 15-rounder with GGG (Gerardo Gonzalez Gavilan) and Thomas Hearns going? People on ESB who actually believe Gavilan had the stamina, chin, fiery work rate and moxy to stand-up to and wear Hearns down to a late stoppage:

Flea Man
I think a well-prepared Hearns beats any welter ever. The Hearns of the first Leonard fight I could see Gavilan doing that to, but even then, I don't think Gavilan has the power to change the fight around like Leonard did.

Consider this: as tough as Gavilan was and with the chin he had, he was dropped by Basilio and Williams, a lightweight. Hearns was every bit as accurate and much harder-punching than either one of those guys.

The flip side of that is he went 2 hard fights with Robinson who was every bit as good overall a puncher as Hearns, if not as hard-hitting, just as accurate and effective. He didn't fall for Ray, he probably wouldn't fall for Hearns.

I could see Gavilan pounding out a decision but probably not a stoppage. I'm not married to that notion though.
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