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Default Re: All of Duran excuses srl2

Originally Posted by duranimal View Post
Overated!!! ****e statement

Considering he was meant to be all washed up in late 82, he thrashes Cuavas, BUTCHERS the next in-line potential superstar in Davey Moore, 5 months later takes the almighty leap in taking on the 160 Undisputed Monster in Marvin Hagler & is the only man to take him the full 15 rounds in a close fight & thats a blown up Lightweight who 4 years previous was still Lightweight Champion & he he is fighting for the Undisputed 160 crown, which the likes of Hearns & SRL wanted absolutely no part of!

Cuavas/Moore/Hagler all in a 12 month period after being written off!

Gets sparked in 2 by the Hearns, then 5 years later at 37 beats the man who beat him in Iran Barkley & decks him on the way to become WBC 160 Kingpin!

Name me another liniel World Lightweight champion who won the liniel World Middleweight Title! Yer CAN'T!!!

Thats why Roberto Duran is know as: DURAN the GREAT.
You guys must get bored hearing me saying the same points I have made for almost 4 years now. But the points stay since Duran's career has been the same since 2001 when he retired. Those guys you mentioned Moore,Cuevas,Barkley,Hagler,Hearns. The two guys who were champs and legends were Hagler and Hearns at the time that Duran fought them and he lost to both of them. He beat Moore and Barkley, but they were not great, so the title Duran the great is a little exaggerated-I think. He didn't beat Benitez when he would have won Benitez WBC super welterweight title, the one Hearns won later that year by outboxing Benitez over 15 rounds. And Barkley did beat Hearns, but he also lost in that same time period to Kalambay,Nunn and Benn, who stopped him in one round. Cuevas was 3 years from his welt. title days and very washed up. He lost to Roger Stafford the fight before Duran. This is what I mean by overrating Duran. He is getting credit for beating beatable guys and when he loses to the greats he uses excuses. This is not me being brilliant and breaking it down well. It is very clear to anyone who studies Duran's record. Great fighter, but how does he get the 1-10 ATG? This was always my point. Beating Leonard in 1980 yet losing in the rematch easily? His lightweight reign was good, but where are the legends which would get him into the ATG 1-10.. I always put Ray in the 1-10 rating since he did beat 4 ATG fighters to get in there. And I do not put Tommy in 1-10 since I know losing to Ray and Marvin means he did not beat the greats when he had to, like Duran did not either or Benitez or Marvin. That is why none of them should be 1-10. But Ray does deserve it, regardless of a very short career compared to his contemporaries.
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