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Originally Posted by Uncle Rico View Post
The more I hear about this, the more I'm convinced the thugs weren't looking to rob his car. I'm guessing that, upon hearing the famous Amir Khan was in town, this steroid-induced knob-face, Chubbz, decided to go and make a name for himself by starting a confrontation with him.
see what I was saying before? just like that guys mates in school, these idiots now have the story going around that Amir got a kicking from their pal "Chubbs"(****ing re****ed name that, is it "street"?) while other people are saying Khan sparked him, its all a ****ing crock of **** this "I heard such and such took a beating from such and such"

been on the receiving end of it a million times, you punch a guy and the story goes around that he knocked you out (and then of course, people get the impression that you're a soft touch, so fancy their chances...and the cycle repeats)
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