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Default Re: Kid Gavilan vs Sugar Ray Leonard

Originally Posted by DaveK View Post
I think a well-prepared Hearns beats any welter ever. The Hearns of the first Leonard fight I could see Gavilan doing that to, but even then, I don't think Gavilan has the power to change the fight around like Leonard did.
Definitely not at the point Leonard did, he'd need to get started earlier for sure.

Consider this: as tough as Gavilan was and with the chin he had, he was dropped by Basilio and Williams, a lightweight. Hearns was every bit as accurate and much harder-punching than either one of those guys.

The flip side of that is he went 2 hard fights with Robinson who was every bit as good overall a puncher as Hearns, if not as hard-hitting, just as accurate and effective. He didn't fall for Ray, he probably wouldn't fall for Hearns.
Part of the flip is that he was never KO'ed, stopped or beat into submission either. I wouldn't put it past Hearns to score a KD, but I think Gavilan has enough to back up the notion he was one of, if not the hardest guy to stop in division history. Close to, anyway.

I could see Gavilan pounding out a decision but probably not a stoppage. I'm not married to that notion though.
Nor am I the original prediction.
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