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Originally Posted by BlackBrenny View Post
see what I was saying before? just like that guys mates in school, these idiots now have the story going around that Amir got a kicking from their pal "Chubbs"(****ing re****ed name that, is it "street"?) while other people are saying Khan sparked him, its all a ****ing crock of **** this "I heard such and such took a beating from such and such"

been on the receiving end of it a million times, you punch a guy and the story goes around that he knocked you out (and then of course, people get the impression that you're a soft touch, so fancy their chances...and the cycle repeats)
You called it from the beginning, BB. And with the type of people that are from that area, the story has been chopped, changed and exaggerated a million times over by now.
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