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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko revived his career after 3 brutal ko's, why can't Amir Khan do

Originally Posted by Nay_Sayer View Post
There are some glaring differences between Klitschko's and Khan's situations. Very glaring.

First, Wlad has had the benefit of a bonafide HOF worthy trainer in Emmanuel Steward. Second, Wlad fights in the ****tiest division in all of boxing. Third, Wlad enjoys tremendous physical advantages over 99% of his opponents.

NONE of those conditions exist for Khan.

Khan's career is essentially over. He MAY win a belt in the future, but the elite @ 140/147 are going to be too much for him, IMO...
This is pretty much what I feel as well. Khan can still win belts given the right matchup but against elite fighters or just very good fighters with the correct gameplan he will lose.
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