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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

Originally Posted by stew View Post
I'm a vegetarian who is pretty much on a near vegan diet (I might occasionally have a little cheese every month or two).

If your familiar with VEGA products, I have their meal replacement shake every morning, and usually one of their protein shake supplements after a training session. VEGA make very good products that come highly endorsed- I would highly recommend checking them out. It is a tad expensive though.

Meal wise, I eat lot's of veggies, and protein in the form of tofu, various other soy products, quinoa, nuts, etc. I find eating a stirfry with lot's of vegtables, tofu and no rice 3-4 hours before training is the ideal meal. I'm energized and feel like I'm using stored energy moreso than what I've just eaten.

I've been on this diet for 10 years, and when I am really strict e.g. try to as much organic foods as possible/cut out processed foods as much as possible) I feel GREAT. Lot's of energy/clarity/etc.

Plus you're doing some good which never hurts
thanks ill have to try a stir fry for a pre workout meal sometime. I have my first fight at the end of the month and I would love to figure the best meal to eat before.
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