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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko revived his career after 3 brutal ko's, why can't Amir Khan do

I responded to a post about something else and drew a comparison between Khan and Wlad, so it's worth reposting here:

"It's interesting to hear someone say this, after all the flak that Khan got for taking soft opponents. It seems like one of Khan's biggest motivators is to prove people wrong, whether it be about his punch resistance, or just how good he is in general. Winning the title exacerbated that. The ****y attitude which grew out his success also led to his last TKO. The game plan he executed against Kotelnik would stand him in good stead if he had applied something similar against Garcia...but he got drawn into a brawl, which is a ring IQ issue.

If we look at someone like Wladimir Klitschko, he had three bad TKO losses, two of which actually came a little later in his career. However, following the last loss Wlad and Emmanuel went back to the drawing board and somehow reinvented him as pretty much unbeatable on the current heavyweight scene (and decent in any era), with people now mentioning him in some ATG discussions. That is an absolutely monumental achievement and that will be rightly viewed in a very positive light once he retires.

The question is can Khan do the same? Can Virgil be to Khan what Emmanuel is to Wlad? Ultimately I think it all comes down to whether he can get his feet on the ground, take a realistic look at the situation, get all the 'yes men' out of his mind for a while, and forge an appropriate style, with Virgil, to suit his physical abilities and limitations. Khan has to accept that, and use it as a foundation upon which to make his weaknesses almost irrelevant, and his strengths almost impossible to overcome.

After a few fights with Virgil I think we'll have a lot of insight into how the rest of Khan's career is going to pan out. But if I had to bet on it now, unfortunately I think Khan just lacks the required awareness and general boxing IQ necessary in order to appreciate that changes that he has to make. However, I hope he can do it, and become a little more humble in the process.
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