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Default Re: Showtime close to ending Strikeforce deal, promotion could fold soon

Originally Posted by fatcity View Post
Line 4(being biased)
Oh,the irony,but don't allow FACTS get in your way.

I'm a fan of the UFC and what it has done for the sport, sure. Should I apologize for not being a hater? But I'm not a blind nuthugger. They do plenty of **** that I disapprove of. But they also provide me the opportunity to enjoy regular MMA cards on my TV, which NEVER happened pre-Zuffa.

The FACTS are that they try to stifle competition and run the entire sport by themselves. So what? What are they supposed to do? Encourage competing orgs to challenge them? Dilute their product across two or three or four banners?

The UFC has brought MUCH greater profile and legitimacy to MMA than it has ever had before. Because of the success they have had, they open the door for smaller local promotions to spring up across the world. If one of those promotions is better run and becomes a rival, good. Competition is good. If not, then all the top fighters will be in one org fighting for ONE recognized "king of the division" belt. As opposed to Condit, Diaz and GSP all calling themselves world champions of different orgs and never fighting each other.

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