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Default Re: cotto:i surely will have no problem facing him (sergio)

Originally Posted by str1 View Post
RT: So why Martinez?

Cotto: I fight anybody and I only want the best.

RT: Will you guys fight at 160?

Cotto: I want to do it at 155. Martinez is a bigger guy so I don't want to give to much weight away. Anything over 155 then I can't do it. Just like Margarito, we wanted it at 150 but they say Margarito could make 150 so we had to settle at 153.

RT: So you wanted Margarito at 150.

Cotto: Yea

RT: What about Pacquiao, how come that fight didn't happen?

Cotto: They tried to drain me down to 150 but I told them 154 or no fight.

RT: So you'll fight Margarito at 150 but not Pacquiao?

Cotto: Yea but it's not like that, it's different with Pacquiao. I believe you should fight a champion at their own weight.

RT: So if you say that shouldn't you fight Martinez at his own weight?

Cotto: If I fight Martinez at 160, I'm going to give to much weight away. He's going to weight like 170 on fight night and it won't be fair.
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