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Default Re: How useful is boxing in street fighting ?

I didn't want to start a new topic, but I got in a fight today outside the ring, first one in my life other then sparring (first fight in december or january) and let me tell you, if i didn't box my ass would have been face down on concrete probably unconscious. I go to community college and to go i have to go through a seedy part of a town (lots of gangs) i have a late class that ends at 7:30 and by then it's already dark out, right before you get out of the ghetto part of town i stopped by a mcdonalds/gas station. I got out saw some punk ass kid about 18-21 probably had 30 pounds and 6 inches on me staring at me and my car while i was filling up, I made the mistake of taking my wallet out and he saw i had some cash on me, i walked inside (my buddy was in the car) got some big macs walked out and as soon as i took one step off the curb i got rocked on the side of the head, all my food and drink go flying but my adrenaline was instant, it's almost like i was anticipating it. he was throwing wild haymakers at me calling me **** like... I took a step back threw a jab right in the nose which flung his head back and a right to his throat, he fell down and got up and ran away.. this was all in about 15 seconds..

If i didn't do boxing i don't think i would have been able to take those shots or compose myself to not throw wild shots like him rather to pick my shots. I'm a small guy 5'6" 126. Now it is not exactly a streetfight, it was more of a failed jumping. but anyway, in my opinion boxing is extremely useful. Who knows what else that kid could have done.
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