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Default Re: Showtime close to ending Strikeforce deal, promotion could fold soon

Originally Posted by Ne5ville14 View Post
The thing you don't seems to understand is that since the UFC will reign supreme alot of people will consider the UFC HOF like the MMA HOF...
Are we talking about the MMA Hall of Fame? No, we're talking about the UFC Hall of Fame.

Are we talking about the Hall of Guys Who Kicked the Most Ass and Had the Most Well-Rounded Skillsets and the Longest Careers and Oh Yeah, Scurla and Neville Have To Like Them As Well? No.

It's the Hall of Fame. So the most famous champion in MMA history must be in there. End of story. How anyone can dispute that is beyond me.

Originally Posted by Ne5ville14 View Post
Seriously...Lesnar in any HOF is a ****in disgrace
Why? Oh yeah, because you don't like the guy. That's right.

Originally Posted by Ne5ville14 View Post
Don't even bring the belt and the 2 ****ty title defence in what could be called one of the worst weight division of all time into the argument because you are diggin you own freaking grave with those...
Oh, so now successful title fights against two HOFers, plus an undefeated top contender, are "****ty" and don't count in the discussion.

So we're not allowed to consider his in-cage accomplishments. (Brock defended twice - no UFC HW has yet managed 3 in a row)

And we're not allowed to consider his impact on the sport either, or the unparalleled attention he drew to his fights.

So basically, your argument (and scurla's) is "**** Brock Lesnar, I don't like him." And that's it, that's your entire argument.

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