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Default Re: It's going down, who do you want to win?

Originally Posted by roscoe View Post
Geale wins again............this time not as clsoe so the judges can't **** the decision up.
Originally Posted by swingin View Post
geale by humiliating ko.

public holliday declared in tasmania.

record sales of newspapers of a prostrate mundine.

Originally Posted by kas117 View Post
Your buttboy shouldn't have won either. He should have lost at least 3 points in that fight according to the IBO rules. His tape came undone 5 times which should have resulted in at least a 2 point deduction (and not to mention was a dirty little trick to give Mundine a breather). He was warned three times for elbowing when he should have lost a point on the third occurrence and the "slip" in R9, should have been ruled a KD seeing as it came off a punch (that's the rule in not just the IBO, but the WBA,WBC,IBF,WBO).

An lets not even get into the other little stunts that Scumdines team pulled (intimidation of judge, Marcus McDonnell, not mention Khoder's running up onto the apron between rounds and telling Choc 'We don't have the judges tonight'.
100% correct.
Originally Posted by whipsy View Post
Facts are facts.
Very true, and Kas117 is spot on.
Originally Posted by stiflers mum View Post
Phil said the judge wasn't intimidated.
I like Phil, but really, what else would he say?
Originally Posted by whipsy View Post
As if a judge is gonna be swayed by some grogan coming out of the crowd having words with him
What makes you so confident he wasn't?
Originally Posted by whipsy View Post
What did Kas117 say that isn't true?
Originally Posted by whipsy View Post
Im also a Geale fan.. but has anyone come close to giving Geale the toruble choc did?
SS gave him more trouble.
SS was Geales hardest fight IMO.
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