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Default Re: Starting Boxing at 27

Originally Posted by Speechless View Post
lol....maybe I can answer that in a couple of years, when we see what kind of shape i'm in.

Personally, I never would have had the type of discipline I have now when I was in my teens or even mid twenties. Yes, my physical potential would have been greater, but I would not have had the type of diet, cardio and training discipline that I have now. Older me would whip younger me's ass. So yeah, that's just one advantage - greater discipline. Obviously not applicable to all, but applicable to many.
Never thought of it that way before. A lot of times I wish I started like 10+ years ago, but the same applies to me. Wouldn't have been able to dedicate as much time and money to the way I eat/train now. But if I started younger and enjoyed boxing as much as I do now, and the possibility of going pro was a viable option, that might've given me extra motivation to get everything else in check and train harder. Who knows though.
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