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Default Re: Showtime close to ending Strikeforce deal, promotion could fold soon

Originally Posted by Ne5ville14 View Post
How can anyone think that a 5-3 guy, that was GIVEN a title shot because of his WWE FAME and manage to make the most title defence in the WEAKEST weight division of the UFC is beyond me.

That's not hate ***gis, that is being objective.

You COULD have an argument if Lesnar was UNKNOWN before he fought in the UFC, manage to get a title shot with 3 fight under is belt and defend it twice against Mir(a season veteran) and Carwin(a legit prospect).
So if he had exactly the same career path but wasn't as FAMOUS, he'd have a shot at the Hall of FAME.

And anyway, I thought that two posts ago, Brock had "****ty title defences"?

Now half an hour later they are legit and worthy for HOF discussion on their own merits?

Listen to what you are saying. You argue like a woman. You totally contradict yourself in your "objective" post, everything is about what you feel instead of what you think, and there's no logic or line of reasoning at all.

Anyway, enough of this ****. This is a Strikeforce thread, after all.

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