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Default Re: Could Ali handle the size of a Lewis?

Originally Posted by young griffo View Post
Ray Mercer was a stocky 6"1 and giving away inches in reach to Lewis and still managed to out jab Lewis for long stretches of their fight as well as really work Lennox over at mid range.

Ali was taller than Ray, had a longer reach, better jab, much quicker hands,vastly superior mobility and a chin that was in the same class (though I wouldn't say better because Ray's was granite).

Factor in Frank Bruno out boxing a pre-Steward Lewis for a fair percentage of their bout until Lennox got him out of there and I think it's pretty obvious that Lewis wan't invincible and a decent sized guy with skills, smarts and toughness could be very competitive with him. That's not to say there's many who have those qualities in the abundance needed to beat an out and out great like Lewis.

Ali is one who I think has all of the requisite qualities to beat Lewis despite being the smaller man. It's not a given but I think Ali would win.
I'd also like to add by using angles, one can diminish an opponents reach. Ie. moving around him in a circular way you can difuse his ability to land shots
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