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Default Re: Could Ali handle the size of a Lewis?

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
These guys are tough matchups because their skills on the outside came with crushing, brutish strength of close and ATG power.

They challenge him because they can do what he did, lacking in speed but bringing substantially more impact.

I'd LOVE to see a fighter as smart as Ali think his way out of this one. I think he could, but it'd take some work.
I think it would be even harder against Wlad, because he's so extremely precise in doing what he does best (and Ali certainly won't pressure him to "panic").

Lewis was better at keeping a cool head in adversity and adapting, but was also more prone to lose concentration, I'd say. I think that Wlad's more robotic approach would serve him well here.

Ali was great at dropping his right over a jab, though, and if he could do it enought against Wlad to disrupt his rhytm things would get interesting indeed. The jab is the key in both match-ups IMO.
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