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Default Re: Time to appreciate and not Underestimate Carl Froch

Originally Posted by Tyler-Durden View Post
Yeah whatever you say.

I'm not the one who people call "FAILey" and mock afterall so I really don't give a shit about what you retard have to say.

Also, your post is very rich from someone who gets all butthurt when anything bad is said about Calslappy.
Originally Posted by flashy k.o View Post
Faggit, be once in your sad life a man and take Bailey's challenge, i.e to show here your prediction threads to prove that you made valid decisions by yourself , as Bailey said !

Its not so hard to do it !
Originally Posted by Tyler-Durden View Post
Stop acting like you know shit about boxing mister "I picked Bute to KO Froch". Everybody knows as soon as Bute retires, you'll retire from being a fake-ass boxing fan too, you little dickrider.

I don't have time to lose, looking for every post I've made with right predictions, but my vCash total intervenes on my behalf (something that can not be said about your bitchass and Failey's respictiveley 500 and 75). Go check my post history yourselves if you're so interested about it.

Anyway, ciao retards.
Flashy is right.

Stop being a ***** and show your boxing prediction threads .

You know, as I have proven on this thread how silly I make you look and I bet you type with caution when I question you, because you know now that I line you up and let you walk into traps, which is why you are so butthurt now, because I revealed how I tricked you like a dumb animal .

Take the challenge Tyler and show your threads
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