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Default Re: sonny liston vs jack johnson.....

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
I agree Johnson did not possess Liston's power ,but he was not feather fisted either. He kod Denver Ed Martin for so long the authorities held him in custody in case Martin died.Sam McVey has 5 stoppages on his 89 fight record, three were because of disputed fouls , one was after 49rds with Jeannette, when McVey could not see his opponent any longer, only two were kos ,one to Langford ,one to Johnson,when McVey regained consciousness against Johnson , he asked his manager, "what happened?" His manager replied," it was a draw , and they robbed us". Johnson seldom went for the ko , but he could hit alright.
Martin had a glass jaw and weak body. He was Ko'd early a few times.

Of course you leave out tons of inconvienet facts in this thread. Allow me to educate you once again.

1 ) Langford was likely 20 years old! You never mention this!

2 ) McVey was 19,19, and 20 years old! Once again, Johnson was picking on a youngster.

3 ) Jeannette had a losing record or was close to .500 in many of the matches. Yet he held his own in some of the matches. According to Jeanette, he was never above 170 pounds when he meet Johnson, and certainly lacked experience.

In all these fights ( at least 10 ), Johnson only scored 1 stoppage win, and it was in the last round vs. Mcvey. When Langford, Jeanette and McVey hit their primes ( 1908-1915 ) Johnson would not fight them. Johnson settled for white hopes types. Is it coincidence that Johnson avoided Gunboat Smith, who knocked him silly in their 4 round ex match? I think not! Smith wasn’t a hope. He could fight.

Summary: Johnson skirted his four best challengers as Champion: Langford, Smith, McVey, and Jeannette. What distinguised champion does this? Instead, Johnson was out boxed according to some primary / local sources vs. O’Brien who was a super middle. He was knocked down by another super middle in Ketchel. He drew vs. journeyman Battling Jim Johnson ( NO RE-MATCH GIVEN ), and barely defeated a mere contender type in Moran. The best Johnson fought in a title match was Willard, and he produced a ten count. Color me not impressed with his title opponents, or the results he had.
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