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Default Re: The official STEPHAN BONNAR express!!!!!

Originally Posted by EL BULLY View Post
I actually think with his toughness, decent chin, cardio and size he would have some chance. The fact he is a complete company man makes me think he has NO chance. Not saying he's been told to lose but, well actually I wouldn't be surprised if he has been told to lose.
Are you kidding? seriously? do you honestly think a warrior like Bonnar would accept being TOLD to lose?

And why the would the UFC feel the need to do that anyway? Anderson is what, 15-0 in the UFC? why would they suddenly need to start telling his opponents to throw fights?

"Ok yeah, Anderson you NEVER lose you ALWAYS win no matter what but we're thinking of uhm, asking your opponent to throw this fight"

Come on, that's stupid beyond belief.
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