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Default Re: How to beat Anderson Silva (HILARIOUS!)

Originally Posted by Peter__1987 View Post
Come on man, what else can they do? try and sell this as a legit "pick em" fight? if they did people would criticize them even more.

It's a total underdog/rocky scenario and they are being open and honest about it.

I don't see why people are upset about it, Bonnar is tough as hell and comes to fight and Anderson is well......Anderson.

It's gonna be a great fight!!!
Exactly. It seems whatever the UFC does people will criticize. They finally take the stance of honesty and reality with a fight. I love it. This fight wasn't planned, it was thrown together to save the Brazil card after Aldo got hurt. It's not for the championship. It isn't even at Anderson's weight class.

I will always watch Silva fight. Bonnar is tough as all hell, mentally and physically. He is big and strong and will bring the fight to Silva. Either we see a knockout, or we see Anderson get tested a bit. Either way, it will be worth watching.

But that video is completely honest. There is NO gameplan Bonnar can bring to this fight. All he can do is show up, and give his 120% best effort.
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