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Default Re: How to beat Anderson Silva (HILARIOUS!)

Originally Posted by rainmaker View Post
Seriously now, it's gonna be a one sided beat down. Silva has probably been asked to push it out a few rounds, but truth is he could likely finish it when he wants. Bonner is nowhere near Silva's league, and he's been in many tough fights, I can see him getting cracked bad here.

That's basically the point, this isn't a fight they can sell, even the UFC top brass know this, thats why they are going this way with it. But looking at the bigger picture, these kinds of fights won't win the organisation many new fans. And there are starting to be far too many mismatches.

Don't get me wrong, i've been watching MMA for a long time, but the talent pool in the UFC is nowhere near where it should be. Yes injuries have taken it#s toll but still you find the title fight match ups too, is a kind of merry go round of past challengers only ever being a fight or two away from another shot because there is no one there.
Jon Jones beat the HELL out of Bonnar for 3 rounds, hit him with spinning elbows, knees, bodyshots, Judo threw the **** outta him, ground and pounded his ass to **** and STILL couldn't finish him.

NO ONE and i do mean NO ONE can finish stephan bonnar "when they want" he has a legitimite claim at being the toughest mother****er in UFC history.
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