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Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Well I don't agree with you that it was related to ability but mentality specifically because he was outboxed. He was utterly, utterly out-boxed. His only way to win that fight was to become significantly more aggressive and violent and he knew that. He just didn't have the strength of mind and moral courage to follow it through.

You've seen it a lot lately when Donaire fights. Yes, he was better than his last three opponents by distance, and yes they all baulked at taking the hard road and trying to win. Haye didn't try to win in a fight he was doomed to lose when a way to win was at hand (shootout followed by KO). That is the very definition of a mental shortfall

I wouldn't pick any of them to take out an ATG box-puncher, either.
What's your gameplan for a low output counter puncher outfighting a much technical higher output boxer. He isn't an adept pressure fighter. He's never been a mover to the left to set up left hooks.

At best he could try and edge forward jabbing with the jabber and trying to fire the right over the top. But he didn't really have the technical style to apply that type of pressure either

Dempsey isn't a boxer puncher either, he's a left hook happy high output brawler without a jab

I'm not even out right picking Haye here, I'm calling it 50-50, if Dempsey continually gets inside Haye is in big trouble, if Dempsey leaves himself open to Haye's right on the way in he could be sparked cold himself
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