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Default Re: high intensity good is it for boxing or for general

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
yes i am clueless,

list me the gyms you have boxed in? who your coaches were?
Why is it that when you're backed into your clueless corner you always try to change the subject? This topic is about weight training, same as the other thread and yet again you're attempting to change the subject to boxing or martial arts. Why? My boxing experience is completely irrelevant yet again.

I would love to have gone to school with you.

Teacher: "Today we're going to learn to multiply. We'll start with 2x10=20."

highguard: "Na, **** you! Where did you box?! I know more about any other martial art in the world than you so you're wrong and I'm smarter!!!"

Teacher: "highguard, this is maths class..."

highguard: "So ****ing what?! Who were your coaches?!"

Would have been hilarious to watch.

2 years,yes lifting weights
It doesn't even matter tbh, it's your knowledge that is severely lacking not experience.

but have done boxing and grappling for a long time,
Happy days... and?

didnt you say in your other thread
that you were some kung fu guy lol

i think that solves that
What? I don't get if this was an attempt at an insult, a failure of a joke or, just, what?

ps i do know more about you
You know more about me? Now this is getting weird.

espically in boxing or any other practical martial arts
You really don't have to attempt to prove yourself infront of your peers. You probably do know more about boxing than me, but as stated above what difference does it make? It's entirely irrelevant.

not kung fu though i am sure you can teach me
alot about monkey or crane style lol
I doubt it, I never trained in these styles.

as a kung fu guy, i assume you have a creepy pony tail and glasses combo????YES LOL

Overall your post was a rather pathetic fail. I mean, I think you tried to insult me in there somewhere but I couldn't quite tell.

As with all your posts you get backed into a corner with your lack of knowledge and revert back to "Well I know more about boxing and other martial arts than you!". How sad.

You need to learn when to admit you don't know and not act like a know it all child. You may grow out of it I suppose.

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