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Originally Posted by IRONSENSE2002 View Post
apparently uncle re**** thinks i'm a pussio for walking away from a fight, if anyone had the option of beating a guys face in and having a massive career stain. Which would likely hold you back from getting a job, which one would you choose, honestly rico you're a 2 bit loser who has no life you glorify a ****ing street fight against 6 chumps.
Khan fans think of their glass jawed hero as some mystical islamic warrior, seriously wake up you losers.
**** all this your boys ****ed amir up man the **** up and go into amirs gym and have it out in the ring with him man2man and then we`ll see how ****ing tough you are

you will get your face smashed in and amir will have to be dragged off you just to stop him ending your pathetic little life
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