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Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Why? Why is he technically incapable of feinting and throwing three punches, stepping out, drawing a jab, taking, or slipping the jab, then throwing two broadsides? Why is this completely beyond him? Why can't he get close, push his head into Wlad's face and beat the ribs? Just once in the ****ing fight.

Jesus Christ, he was 11 rounds to nil down on my card before he made a move. Sorry. There's something very wrong there, he showed the type of aggression i'm talking about against Barrett, Mac and Mormeck, but as soon as he was presented with an offensive output the key to which did not lie in his physical advantages he made no. Effort. At. All.


There's something wrong there.

And your opinion is different, and that's fine but it's a perfectly reasonable cornerstone for a pick to me, and so I make it a cornerstone to my pick.
He did feint, none of them were fell for and Wlad had the better feints. He did slip jabs, the jabs were doubled and trippled a, moving jabber against a flatfooted counter puncher. He did lunge in with punches and generally missed, bar the 12th. And no he isn't a put his head on the chest and work the body type, he isn't going to start doing something against the best opponent

As much as Haye 'should' have fought the way he did in the 12th for the full fight, he didn't have the gas tank to fight at such a pace

As much as he bores me Wlad is just too good and it was a stinker of a style match up
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