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Default Re: Cleveland Williams vs Jerry Quarry

Originally Posted by Senor Pepe' View Post
Had 'The Big Cat' not suffered a gunshot wound,,,

He still would have been a viable Heavyweight from November 1964 probably
right through 1970.

Despite the 'knockout' losses to Sonny Liston, he was not 'beaten up' or a used up

He was still dangerous in 1964, that Floyd Patterson wanted nothing to do with him.

Had Cleveland not been injured, he also would have been in the 1967/1968
WBA Tournament, and may have won it.

And had Quarry not had an abusive ass-wipe for a father who beat him and shoved him into fights when he was injured, he might have not gone down the tubes so fast and been such a party animal...

At the end of the day, Quarry's ledger of victims is much more impressive than Williams. Whatever stylistic advantages one supposes Williams to have possessed, there is empiric evidence that Quarry's style was more effective.
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