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Default Re: Froch V Calzaghe. A Close Fight?

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
In 45 fights Joe never knocked out a fighter who couldn't beat the 10 count. Thats a pretty poor statistic to be credited on an apparent ATG.

Stylistically I think Froch is all wrong for Calzaghe. Joe never faced a fighter with such determination and relentless pressure as Froch. Its clear if Hopkins applied a little more vigor and urgency he could of taken the fight.

Froch is at no risk of a KO and would not respect Joe's power. If joe went in to throw his combinations it could possibly be cataclysmically the undoing of him. Calzaghe had a habbit of facing his opponents straight on while Carl turns to the side with his chin tucked under his shoulder. This is what throws the fight in favour of Froch, in the exchange , trade for trade Joe might land more but Froch is getting in the more hurting shots.

Fighter's who trouble Froch the most are well schooled and technical. Dirrell gave Carl problems , not with handseed but by fighting on the backfoot. Joe would not be fighting off the backfoot looking for countering opportunities , he would be coming at Carl with voloume punches. This tactic would play right into Carls hands. The speed wont bother Carl and he will eat a few to land his jab and overhand right. He might be getting outboxed but Joe is slowly getting chopped down and taking the worst out of the exchanges. Carls patience and timing could well result in a late KO victory.

Its just a possiblity, but a very possible one.
Is that you popkins???
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