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Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
If Haye is so limited as to be absolutely incapable of improving upon that non-performance against Wlad, I don't pick him to beat anyone great.

If Haye is, as I believe, limited in a different way, I don't pick him to beat anyone great.

And if he "doesn't have the gas tank" to fight at a higher pace than he did...that's pitiful, and he'd probably lose to all sorts of HW's. If he's not smart enough to know that fighting at that pace for rounds 5, 6 and 7 before collapsing gives him a better chance of winning than the effort he provided, he has another very serious problem.

It was a horrible, awful, pitiful non-effort against the only fighter to date he has met where his physical advantages didn't supply a complete solution.
You can't rate Wlad that highly perhaps. Maybe Wlad instill fear into all his competition or maybe none have the ability to live with him. Dempsey isn't in Wlad's league for me, neither is Tunney or Willard.

How about we turn it around 'if Dempsey isn't capable of beating Tunney, how can he be expected to beat anyone great'?

Circular logic, Dempsey is nothing like Wlad, so we go back to styles

Even if as you suspect it is a ***** issue, didn't he show big ***** against the top crusers, Dempsey's weight, and the top pressure fighter at HW today? Why would he be fearful against a man 20-35bs lighter than him and 2-3inches shorter?

A counter argument could be Dempsey was so scared of Wills he didn't even get in the ring with him and maybe similarly scared of the similarly sized similarly tanned Haye. Complete conjecture ofcourse

What isn't conjecture is Dempsey's lack of pedigree for breaking down defensively orientated boxers
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