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Default Re: Cleveland Williams vs Jerry Quarry

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Miteff had lost 5 of his previous 9 fights. He was a trialhorse for up and comers.

And he went 1-3-1. Again, the anecdotes are far more impressive than his actual record. I'll give Williams that, if he and Quarry wage a battle of anecdotes, he might actually win. But in the ring, I'll stick with the far more proven fighter in Quarry. Williams just doesn't have the accomplishments to justify being picked over Quarry. The only argument one could make would be one of styles. But again, Williams' particular style was never that effective at beating elite level fighters. I'll take Quarry's class of record over Williams' style.
"Cleveland (Big Cat) Williams, who shattered the title hopes of 7th ranked Alex Miteff with a 5th round TKO, set up a howl today for a shot at champion Floyd Patterson. If Williams ever looked as though he deserved a shot at the title, it was Tuesday night. He took command of the fight from Miteff from the start, opened a bad cut over his left eye in the 2nd, floored him for eight counts in the 3rd and 4th, and was beating him badly when referee Ernie Taylor mercifully ended it 1:32 deep into the 5th." -United Press International

How would Quarry have done vs the likes of Ernie Terrell 2x, Eddie Machen, Sonny Liston?

We know Liston would have smashed him twice. Let's throw Quarry a bone and say he splits with Terrell. That leaves Machen. Machen has an old man whupped Quarry. That's a loss.

So Quarry's record against these men would be 1-4!
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