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Originally Posted by bronx View Post
Hay por favor Tito WON

the end

this was 13 years ago almost to the date
Yeah but your Compai, brought it back and posted it here. Why? I don't know, maybe it's a fight that still bothers him and is looking for others to tell him it was a proper decision.

I watched the fight in a Boricua household, and was giving most of the early rounds to DLH. The mostly PR crowd was split as to who was winning. But then in last rounds when DLH got on his bike I was furious! After the fight I told them he deserved to lose for all the running. Many Boricuas told me, "Naw, man Hoya was outboxing Tito for more rounds." Maybe they were just being nice and hospitable, I returned the favor and told them Tito won.

It was a good fight though.
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