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Default Re: Fourth and fifth best heavyweights of the nineties ?

=NoNeck;13968884] Would you pick Moorer to beat Lewis? That's the real question and my main basis since neither did an incredible amount else.
If this is your basis, then its rather weak given that I highly doubt you would have picked McCall to beat Lewis either. In either case, Moorer and Lewis never fought.. What we DO KNOW is that Moorer was 35-0 and the reigning lineal champion when Foreman knocked him out.

Coetzer was a joke. Stewart had already taken loses and proven to not be good.
Yet Seldon who never beat anyone worth a **** and was dropped in a single round by Rid**** Bowe just a few months after McCall sparked him was better than those two?

Count Savarese if you want to--that win is better than Maskaev at least.
I'd say Savarese was at leat comparable to wins over Seldon and Damiani.

Damiani was a good fighter and would've been undefeated if things turned out a little different against Mercer.
"would've been undefeated" gets a bit thwarted when you get knocked out. He was also past it by the time McCall got to him.

Seldon legitimately won a title.
Not really.. I can remember back around 1995, while watching another fight, Larry Merchant commented on how ridiculous it was that the WBA had Seldon Ranked at #2 and Tucker ranked at #1. Tucker hadn't beaten anyone noteworthy in years and Seldon hadn't beaten anyone period, yet the two of them were being lined up to fight for the vacant WBA strap.. Bottom line... Don King was manufacturing a champ to be easy pickings for a comeback Tyson, and he found the perfect man.

I didn't watch McCall's fights with Tucker and Norris, but I assume they were close loses.
I didn't either, but losses to those guys aren't any better than losses to Holyfield, Morrison and Briggs whom at least were in their primes.

I'm sure Holmes would've beaten Foreman too.
More speculation which doesn't boost McCall's record.

I think it boils down to picturing McCall as a crying crackhead to drop him in the rankings, which I don't think is legit..
His habits outside the ring have no bearing on my opinion either... But refusing to fight, then breaking down and crying while being IN THE RING, and in a championship fight do....

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