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Default Re: Cleveland Williams vs Jerry Quarry

Originally Posted by SuzieQ49 View Post
Ahh so making excuses now for Jerry boy?

Sonny Liston 2x: I assume we can both agree Liston twice beats Jerry, am I correct? I shouldn't even have to bother to defend my position here

Ernie Terrell 2x- What makes you think Quarry(who has a history of getting troubled by boxers) could take 2 in a row against one of the tallest, most difficult boxers of the era? Quarry would get handled by that jab and outboxed in at least 1 of there fights

Eddie Machen- Considering Quarry lost to a nearly washed up Eddie Machen in 1966, let's chalk it up that Quarry simply would always have huge problems with Eddie Machen. Considering Machen was far better in the late 1950s than in 1966, I say we give Eddie the edge here.

Quarry's best wins were after 1970 when he started to mature even though he beat Mathias,Thad Spencer and Floyd Patterson after he lost the close fight to Machen (an old pro at 33) but after 1970 Quarry beat Bodell,Doyle,Foster,Middleton,Nuemann,Lyle,Shavers and had a far deeper resume than big cat...even a shot Quarry at the end of his career Ko'd Lorenzo Zanon (who got a title shot with Holmes 2 1/2 years later.
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