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Default Re: Fourth and fifth best heavyweights of the nineties ?

=NoNeck;13969462]Get real. McCall sparked an undefeated champ who would go on to be arguably a top 5 heavy of all time, definitely top 10. Foreman sparked an undefeated champ who went on to obscurity.
Rating the quality of a victory based on what the opposition " went on " to do is irrelevant. What counts is what the win was worth at the time.

A win over Moorer is good, but in no way comparable to beating Lennox.
See the above comment.

I can't imagine how worshipped Foreman would be if he accomplished what McCall did. Actually, I can; it would be disgusting.
No. He likely would have been sold short for " landing a lucky punch over a green opponent who's chin was questionable. " Basically the story of Foreman's whole career according to his critics.

The rest of McCall's 90s resume is at worst comparable to Foreman's, but really it's a little better.
I'll settle for a mutual agreement for comparable. Better is not something I'm likely to agree with.
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