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Default Re: I was hardest WW in history to stop ?

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
As you did not stipulate champions you are NOT Jack Britton who was ko'd in 1 rd, [ he was also floored by Lightweight Benny Leonard].

You are Billy Graham , who was never even floored in 126 fights.
Mcv, yes I didn't stipulate champion in my thread ! I shall be flogged comes tommorrow 8 am...
Two points :
1-As I threaded, Britton in his 3rd bout was stopped in 1905 as a prelim...
2- When the great [as great as Robinson LW] floored Jack Britton in 1922
Jack Britton was THIRTY SEVEN years old at that time...Ancient !.
3- I have posted many times that Billy Graham who as a boy saw many times in the NY area, had an iron chin...No doubt, but Billy had but 126
bouts , compared with Britton who went 342 bouts without ever being STOPPED...I strongly doubt that Graham could have gone the next
216 fights without being stopped, so I named Jack Britton...Longevity
to me is part of a great fighters legacy. Wouldn't you agree M ?
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