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Default Re: I was hardest WW in history to stop ?

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
Mcv, yes I didn't stipulate champion in my thread ! I shall be flogged comes tommorrow 8 am...
Two points :
1-As I threaded, Britton in his 3rd bout was stopped in 1905 as a prelim...
2- When the great [as great as Robinson LW] floored Jack Britton in 1922
Jack Britton was THIRTY SEVEN years old at that time...Ancient !.
3- I have posted many times that Billy Graham who as a boy saw many times in the NY area, had an iron chin...No doubt, but Billy had but 126
bouts , compared with Britton who went 342 bouts without ever being STOPPED...I strongly doubt that Graham could have gone the next
216 fights without being stopped, so I named Jack Britton...Longevity
to me is part of a great fighters legacy. Wouldn't you agree M ?
Addendum : I of course meant that the great Benny Leonard FLOORED Jack Britton in 1922 when Britton was 37 years old...Leonard when trying to ko an opponent flattened two bulldogs named Rocky Kansas and Ever Hammer . No shame for the 37 year old Britton to be dropped by a Benny Leonard who might have KO'D Billy Graham. Who Knows...?
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