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Originally Posted by Ricky42791 View Post
I'm saying he doesnt have the fighting heart and guts of Dempsey honestly. And anyone who thinks haye's chin is as good as dempsey's is just delusional. Dempsey weighed around 185 when he fought Willard they announced him of being heavier than he really was. Willard was 245 pounds outweighed Dempsey by 60 pounds im not saying that willard is in the class of Klitchko but he didnt run from the heavyweight champion ofthe world and complain about his pinky toe, I am honestly suprised this forum has gone on this long
Haye was never sparked in one. I see zero reason to assume Dempsey has a greater chin.

I agree Dempsey is a tougher operator, that's the edge with which I pick him here.
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